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AL Habib Islamic Stock Fund is an open-ended Shariah Compliant Equity Fund, which primarily invests in shariah compliant stocks according to screening criteria provided by the Shariah Supervisory Board and keeping focus on highly liquid stocks of fundamentally strong companies. At least 70% of Net assets shall remain invested in listed shariah equity securities at all the times. There is no lock-in period, investor can withdraw their investment during cut-off timings without any penalty.

Investment Objective

Objective of AHISF is to seek long-term capital growth by investing primarily in a Shariah Compliant diversified pool of equities and equity related instruments. The management team shall ensure active implementation of prudent investment practices, the highest professional standards, and compliance with applicable laws.

For Investors’ Seeking

  • Invest in diversified portfolio of shariah compliant equities

  • Achieve long term financial goals

Risk Profile

Basic Facts
Launch Date April 01, 2017
Fund Type Open-ended
Fund Category Shariah Compliant Equity Scheme
Fund Manager Mr. Talha A. Siddiqui
Shariah Advisor Mufti Ismatullah
Management Fee 2.00% p.a.
Front-end-Load 2.00% (Management has the discretion to reduce or waive load on any transaction)
Back-end-Load Nil
Benchmark KMI 30 Index
Dealing Days Monday to Friday
Cut-off Timings Monday-Thursday 9:00 to 3:30 pm
Friday 9:00 to 4:30 pm
Pricing Mechanism Forward Pricing
Allocation of Units (NAV) Form Based
Minimum Subscription Initial investment of Rs. 5,000/-
Subsequently Rs. 1,000/- per transaction
Risk Profile High (Principal at High Risk)

Price History

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