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AL Habib Government Securities Fund is an open-ended fund, which invest into securities issued by the Government of Pakistan. This investment approach aims to generate a competitive income stream for your investment, offering you the chance to invest in secure and reliable opportunities.

Investment Objective

The objective of the Fund is to generate a competitive return with low risk, by investing primarily in Government Securities.

For Investors’ Seeking

  • Short to medium term investment avenue

  • Regular and secure source of income

Fund Details

Basic Facts
Launch Date July 13, 2023
Fund Type Open-ended
Fund Category Income Scheme
Fund Manager Mr. Ahmed Abbas
Front-end-Load Nil*
Back-end-Load Nil
Benchmark Six (6) months KIBOR Rates
Dealing Days Monday to Friday
Cut-off Timings Mon to Fri 09:00 am to 4:30 pm
Pricing Mechanism Forward Pricing
Allocation of Units (NAV) On Realization of Funds
Minimum Subscription Initial investment of Rs. 5,000/-
Subsequently Rs. 1,000/- per transaction
Risk Profile Moderate (Principal at Moderate Risk)
*No Front-end-Load will be deducted till December 2023

Price History

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