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TAX Credit Calculator

Salaried or non-salaried individual who invest in any of the pension funds managed by AL Habib Asset Management Ltd can save amount in their income tax. Our range of pension funds include both Conventional and Shariah Compliant Funds. Calculate your TAX Credit:

Investment Planning

Your dreams can come true if you have proper investment planning. This Calculator will help you to reach a ballpark estimate that how much you need to save monthly over an estimated period to get the desired amount. A conservative investor can assume an annual return of 7% p.a. while an aggressive investor can go up to 11% p.a. After calculating the desired figures an investor will be required to pick the right investment and decide what percentage of his savings be put in different investment classes i.e. Gold, Real Estate, Stocks and Money Market. For Stocks and Money Markets, Mutual Funds are the best avenues. The Calculator assumes monthly compounding of interest. Click on the following link to visit Money Chimp for more customized calculations: