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AL Habib Islamic Cash Fund (AHICF) is an open-ended shariah compliant money market fund which invests in high quality and low risk shariah compliant debt securities with maximum maturity of six months; weighted average maturity of the portfolio is limited to not surpass 90 days. The major portion of investments are made in term of deposits with Islamic banks/Islamic window of commercial banks and Shariah Compliant Government Securities. Additionally, the fund invests in high quality instruments with issue/entity rating not below “AA”.

Investment Objective

AHICF objective is to maximize possible preservation of capital and provide a competitive rate of return via investing primarily in Shariah Compliant money market securities.

For Investor's Seeking

  • Short term investment avenues

  • Regular and stable shariah compliant source of income shielded from volatility of long-term fixed income instruments and stock market

  • High liquidity (no lock-in period, investors can withdraw their investments during cut-off timings without any penalty)

Fund Details

Basic Facts
Launch Date December 20, 2021
Fund Type Open-ended
Fund Category Shariah Compliant Money Market Scheme
Fund Manager Mr. Ahmed Abbas
Management Fee 10% of the gross earnings of the scheme
Front-end-Load 3% (Management has the discretion to reduce or waive load on any transaction)
Back-end-Load Nil
Benchmark 70% three (3) months PKRV rates + 30% three (3) months average deposit rate of three (3) AA rated scheduled banks
Dealing Days Monday to Friday
Cut-off Timings

a) For Regular Transactions 09:00 am to 04:30 pm
b) For same day Redemptions till 09:30 am

Pricing Mechanism Backward Pricing
Allocation of Units On Realization of Funds
Minimum Subscription Initial investment of Rs. 5,000/- (Subsequently Rs. 1,000/- per transaction)
Fund Stability Rating AA+(f) by PACRA
Rating Date September 01, 2023
Risk Profile Very Low (Principal at Very Low)

Price History

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