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AL Habib Roshan Digital Account (RDA) holders can now invest digitally in Roshan Mutual Funds from anywhere in the world. A wide range of investment funds are managed by AL Habib Asset Management Limited duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and approved by the State Bank of Pakistan for Overseas Pakistanis. To build investment portfolio for higher returns from the highly competitive Pakistan's Capital market.


Roshan Digital Account Holders.

Key Features

Opportunity to invest in the AL Habib Asset Management Company in Pakistan. Accounts are fully repatriable.

24/7 Assistance through Roshan Digital Unit (RDU)

Professional and Dedicated Fund Managers Team of AL Habib Asset Management Limited

Procedure for Investment in Mutual Funds

  • Once investment account is opened, the investor may then transfer investments through Bank AL Habib’s Internet Banking from registered AL Habib Roshan Digital Account.

    • AL Habib Asset management Limited will send account statement and investment acknowledgment letter to the investor once the investment is processed.

    • Steps for Investment in Mutual Funds Through the RDA Portal

      Following steps will be required for investment in Mutual Funds through the RDA portal:

      • Visit the RDA portal, select Mutual Funds Investment Icon.

        • Provide basic information (Account Number, Mobile Number, Email Address) and OTP sent to your registered email address.

          • Note: In case you do not receive the OTP, please select the Re-generate OTP option.

            • Enter the OTP after successful validation, details will be auto populated from your existing AL Habib Roshan Digital Account (RDA)

              • You may now select the Fund from the list and invest in Funds of your choice, no Restriction on investment from conventional to Islamic (vice versa).
              • The customer will provide the following details.

              • Frequency of Statement (Monthly / Annually).
              • Dividend Payout (Reinvestment / Cash)
                • Tick mark the following

                  • Terms and Conditions
                    • Undertaking
                      • Upon successful completion of request payment will be made through your AL Habib Roshan Digital Account

                        • You will receive a confirmation email and Login Credentials from AL Habib Asset Management on your registered email.

                        • Procedure for Redemption / Conversion in Mutual Funds

                          • The Investor can directly file redemptions / conversions through digital channels of AL Habib Asset Management Limited.

                            • Payment against redemptions shall be credited into the registered AL Habib Roshan Digital Account Only.