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  • What is Mutual Fund?

    A mutual fund is a collective investment scheme, which specializes in investing a pool of money collected from investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and similar assets.

  • The Company has qualified fund manager and research team. These people identify the opportunities arising in the market and after thorough study of investment opportunities they give recommendations to investment Committee for investment. The Investment committee based on these recommendations may then decides to invest or disinvest funds.

  • In any Fund under our management, you can enter with a minimum amount (as prescribed in details of each fund) and can redeem your units any time you wish at the prevailing repurchase price.

  • The main benefit of investing in Mutual funds is that they carry low risk compared to direct investment in a single security/ instrument because Mutual funds invest in a diversified range of securities/ instruments e.g. (depending upon the fund category), Shares listed on Stock Exchange, PIBS, T-Bills, GoP Ijarah Sukuk, Margin Trading System (MTS), Term Finance Certificates (TFCs)/ Sukuk, Spread Transactions, and Money Market instruments etc. which ultimately lower the risk of an investor.